how to get rid of calluses

How to get rid of calluses

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How to get rid of calluses advice

Every day, the average person spends several hours standing up and making thousands of steps. Walking means a lot of pressure on your feet, so no wonder they hurt! Corns are formed due to bones pressing against the shoe and thus pressuring the skin. This way the surface layer of skin thickens, irritating the tissues underneath. Usually large corns are located on the fingertips or on parts of the little finger. Small corns resemble open sores and usually occur as a result of friction between the fingers. These are the factors, now how to get rid of calluses?
What causes corns and calluses:
– The wrong shoes. If the shoes are too small, they suffocate the foot, increasing the pressure. If the shoes are too large, the foot slips and rubs against the shoe, causing finger deformities;
– High-heeled shoes that increase pressure on the foot;
– Labels stitched inside the shoe rubbing against the foot;
– Not wearing proper socks.

Treatment of corns and how to get rid of calluses

how to get rid of calluses

how to get rid of calluses

– Wearing the right shoe can improve the statics and dynamics of the foot; the shoe must be elastic, ergonomic, allowing easy movement of the foot and to absorb the shock caused by stepping on the ground.
– Ordering shoes with support planting (inserts) in order to avoid deformities of the foot while walking
– Use of gloves for manual activities (painting, gardening);
– Wearing heels that offer stability and comfort;
– Avoid shoes with pointed tip or thin soles;
– Keeping the legs in warm water (soaking for 10 minutes) and massaging them gently using pumice stone (in order to remove the dead skin); exfoliation must be progressive because of the risk of producing lesions that can lead to bleeding and infection;
– Use of emollient creams or plasters for corns;
– Applying salicylic acid, sodium bicarbonate or Vitamin A callus softening oil;
– Urea ointment (keratosane);
– Use of orthopedic devices or insoles in order to keep feet and toes in a comfortable position;
– Remedies: compresses with lemon juice, castor oil, pineapple, leek, garlic, onions, chamomile, hawthorn, lavender oil.
– Avoid cutting the corns with the scissors (there is a high risk of infection);
– Using products that help avoid sweaty feet;
– Surgical treatment;

Pharmacist’s advice – how to get rid of calluses

Soak your feet daily in warm magnesium sulfate solution to soothe calluses; then apply an ointment with aloe (Aloe vera), Marigold (Catendula officinalis) or hydrocortisone if the corns or some areas of skin around them has cracked. The safest and most effective remedy on how to get rid of calluses is to eliminate the source of friction or pressure that causes excessive thickening of the skin.